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You went into business because you had a dream, and you were bold enough to act on it. Now, perhaps you have taken your idea from an epiphany to a living, breathing organization. This organization looks to you for direction and leadership, and your employees depend on you for their livelihood. We know that your operation has to move quickly, and your margin for error is slim. You need a responsive law firm that provides high-quality work with clear communication. Look no further than the Hermele Law Firm. Our founder, Jay Hermele, understands the entrepreneurial spirit and the dedication required to succeed. This is because he is an entrepreneur himself, having founded this law firm, as well as a startup software company. We apply this same spirit and dedication to each of our clients. Our goal is to learn your business inside and out, because when we know the intricacies of your business, we can give you better counsel and stay ahead of the risks you face. Not only do we provide top-tier legal advice and counsel, but we offer this advice in the framework of your particular requirements. While legal issues can differ in complexity, we communicate clearly about your budget, and commit to working within it. Furthermore, while applicable laws may be static, we know that your business depends on real relationships with real people. We are always cognizant that what we do on the legal side is part of a greater whole: the success of your business. Put simply, we tailor our services to all of your needs. Why would you need a business lawyer? Maybe you’re acquiring or selling property, or borrowing or lending money. Or perhaps you need to re-organize your business entity or address corporate governance issues to ensure your business is compliant with governing documents. Maybe you need a professional to draft, review or negotiate a complex contract. The list goes on, but consulting with a business attorney for any of these issues can greatly minimize headaches (and potentially legal liability) down the road.

What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

As the name suggests, your business lawyer helps with general legal issues that arise in the course of operating your business. Every business’s needs vary. Your business lawyer’s job is to learn your business, and provide cost-effective services to help you grow and succeed while minimizing and mitigating risk. This might include ensuring compliance with laws that regulate your business, helping form or restructure your corporate entity, assisting in negotiating and forming contractual relationships with various vendors and partners, advising on corporate governance issues, or simply providing general advice and counsel about both business and law. A good business lawyer helps bridge the gap between business and law, recognizing that without risk, there can be no reward. However, this does not mean that every level of risk is prudent to accept where a reward is possible. Your business lawyer helps you find the proper balance in taking on risk, and helps eliminates those risks which are not tied to a reward. It was creative thinking, boldness and entrepreneurial drive that got you where you are today. Your business lawyer carries those values forward while safeguarding everything you have fought to build.

Who Needs a Business Lawyer?

Companies of all sizes utilize the services of business lawyers. From sole proprietors to the Fortune 500, businesses of all sizes consult with business lawyers concerning their legal relationships. While some businesses require more legal services than others—in fact, large companies employ entire legal departments on a full-time basis—it is always smart for a business of any size to have a business lawyer they can call.

Outside General Counsel

Your business has legal issues arise from time to time, but not consistently enough to need a full-time attorney on staff. You need an outside general counsel. Hiring an outside general counsel means that you get pay-as-you-go legal services from a trusted advisor who knows your business model. An outside general counsel helps you with general legal issues that arise. When more niche problems come along, an outside general counsel helps you recognize the issue and source the proper specialist for the job.

General consulting on legal/business issues

Have a creative idea that you want to implement in your business? Perhaps a new product? Run it by your business lawyer first, who can not only help evaluate the business case for your idea, but also make sure that the implementation of the idea minimizes risk. A business lawyer remains on-call for all manner of general issues of either business or law that may present themselves.

Partnership, LLC and corporate formation and reorganization

Every business has different stakeholders and different visions for the future. It is important that business owners choose an entity type that aligns with those goals and personalities. Is your business a revenue driver, or a long-term investment? Do you have plans to take on additional investors? How do you want to be taxed? The answers to these questions and more will vary, and a business lawyer will help find the right entity type for you. Perhaps you have already been in business for some time and want to reorganize. Maybe a stakeholder is retiring, or the business is making a drastic pivot. If this is the case, it might be worth evaluating whether your entity in its current state still fits the new goals of the business. If a reorganization is necessary, a business lawyer can help.

Commercial contract drafting, review and negotiation

All businesses are dependent on contractual relationships with others. When it comes to your business’s legal relationships with outside parties, documentation and clear expectations are important. A business lawyer can help draft, review, and negotiate important contracts. These might include contracts with service providers, licensing contracts, franchise contracts, and a host of other types of relationships.

Purchase and sale of businesses

Whether you’re buying in or cashing out, a business lawyer can help prepare the necessary documentation to effectuate your purchase or sale and ensure that you are not taking on more than your fair share of risk in the transaction.

Employment contracts

Contract employees are generally important people to an organization. Make sure that your rights are protected by having a business lawyer draft, review, and—if necessary—negotiate contracts with your key personnel.

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Client satisfaction is our highest priority; just ask our clients.

Jay was calm, encouraging, and developed a brilliant and simple strategy on how to get my money back. His strategy was successful. I got a 100% refund, and additional negotiations yielded additional benefits.

Bradley C.

Jay Hermele and his team fought for me and recouped my money that I lost to a corrupt business partner. Thank you so much Jay and folk for your consistency.

Tom M.

Jay went up against one of the toughest law firms in Denver for me. He owned it while still being conscientious about my risks and expenses. He’s very sharp, tough and ethical. I’d recommend him highly!

Kurt B.

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