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Denver Business Attorney. Licensed in Colorado and Wyoming.

You built your business. We help you protect it. We provide skilled legal services to startups, and small and medium businesses.

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Who we are

Jay Hermele employs an efficient, goal-oriented approach with his clients, emphasizing communication at every turn. Whether the representation involves a contentious business dispute, formation of a new company, or anything in between, Jay is committed to making sure that his clients’ goals are at the forefront of each decision and that they are informed during every step of the process.
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Reviews And Testimonials

Client satisfaction is our highest priority; just ask our clients.

Jay was calm, encouraging, and developed a brilliant and simple strategy on how to get my money back. His strategy was successful. I got a 100% refund, and additional negotiations yielded additional benefits.

Bradley C.

Jay Hermele and his team fought for me and recouped my money that I lost to a corrupt business partner. Thank you so much Jay and folk for your consistency.

Tom M.

Jay went up against one of the toughest law firms in Denver for me. He owned it while still being conscientious about my risks and expenses. He’s very sharp, tough and ethical. I’d recommend him highly!

Kurt B.

Business Lawyer

You went into business because you had a dream, and you were bold enough to act on it. Now, perhaps you have taken your idea from an epiphany to a living, breathing organization. This organization looks to you for direction and leadership, and your employees depend on you for their livelihood.

We know that your operation has to move quickly, and your margin for error is slim. You need a responsive law firm that provides high-quality work with clear communication. Look no further than the Hermele Law Firm.
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Business Litigation

At the beginning of any business relationship, no one ever thinks that things will fall apart, let alone end up in a full-blown lawsuit. However, if and when you find your business needing to pursue relief in the courts, The Hermele Law Firm has the experience and tenacity to get results.
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The world is an unpredictable place. The business world is no different. This is why you purchased insurance for your business or—if you are just starting up—are contemplating what types of insurance you need. Both you and your customers deserve to sleep better at night knowing that, in the event of the unexpected, everyone will be made whole. But what happens when you’ve paid your insurance premiums for years, and the insurance company denies your claim? If that is the case, you should consider hiring an insurance lawyer to advocate for your interests as a policyholder.
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Data Privacy & Security

Being familiar with large-scale hacks like those suffered by Target and Experian, you might seek solace in the fact that your business is a small operation. You’re too small to register to hackers, right? Not quite. 28% of data breach victims are small businesses. Given the way business is done in the modern world, you simply cannot afford to be without a plan when it comes to data security and privacy.

A data privacy and security lawyer can help your business manage the risks of data breaches, formulate your response strategy in the event a breach does occur, and help you comply with applicable privacy laws.
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You have an idea that is going to change everything, and you simply won’t be able to live with yourself if you don’t pursue it. Perhaps you have even mapped out a business model, and begun validating the concept with some trusted connections. Or maybe you’ve even got an investor or two, and some paying customers. Wherever you are in the process, one thing is for sure: it is exciting, and maybe a little scary.
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a contract

Business Contract Lawyer

For business owners, properly drafted and negotiated business contracts are crucial. Failing to have a contract in place can result in costly litigation spanning months or even years.
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Auto Accident

Auto Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident caused by the fault of another, it’s important to know that this is not an unusual occurrence, and there are steps you can take to pursue your rights and make sure you get the funds to which you’re entitled to cover your expenses and put you back in the position you would have been if not for the accident.
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