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Our Relationships

Our Relationship with Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felser, P.C.

Glade Voogt Lopez Smith

In order to provide our clients with diverse services at reasonable rates, The Hermele Law Firm LLC is special counsel to Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felser, P.C., a law firm that has served the Denver, Colorado area for over 55 years. Glade Voogt Lopez Smith Felser was initially founded in 1961 as Inman Flynn and has been a force in the legal profession both in Colorado and nationally. Glade Voogt offers services in many practice areas of law, including:
      • Civil and Complex Commercial Litigation
      • Business/Corporate Law
      • Internal Investigations and Compliance
      • Construction Law
      • Real Estate Law
      • Environmental Law
      • Bankruptcy Law
      • Employment Law
      • Sports and Athletics Law