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Denver, Colorado

The Hermele Law Firm in Denver, Colorado

The Hermele Law Firm in Denver offers legal services to small businesses in a variety of industries and practice areas. As a small business ourselves, we know very well the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and we have a passion for helping them overcome those hurdles. Whether you have an established operation with hundreds of employees or simply an idea and a dream, we’re here to help you grow smart and protect what’s yours.

Denver Office Contact Details:

Phone: (720) 740-0889

Address: 1800 N Gaylord Street, Denver, CO 80206

Jay Hermele

About Jay Hermele

Jay Hermele employs an efficient, goal-oriented approach with his clients, emphasizing communication at every turn. Whether the representation involves a contentious business dispute, formation of a new company, or anything in between, Jay is committed to making sure that his clients’ goals are at the forefront of each decision and that they are informed during every step of the process.
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Our Practice Areas

We provide legal services to small businesses in a variety of industry and practice areas.


Business Lawyer

The Hermele Law Firm provides solutions to your business law issues, including general consulting, business formation and reorganization, and contract drafting, review and negotiation.

Business Litigation

Disputes are part of business. When you need to pursue or defend a claim in the courts, we can provide you with high-quality representation.


Let us help you evaluate your coverage and, if necessary, fight for you when your carrier denies a claim.

Startup Law

Develop and grow your new business, and avoid legal pitfalls along the way. We can help with formation, consulting, and other legal issues.

Business Contract Lawyer

For business owners, properly drafted and negotiated business contracts are crucial. Failing to have a contract in place can result in costly litigation spanning months or even years.

Business Formation Attorney

We’re familiar with the challenges that entrepreneurs face when they’re first getting started. We can help you establish a strong legal foundation.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Attorney

NDAs ensure employees and past employees don't share your day-to-day operations and/or competitive advantages.

Auto Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident caused by the fault of another, there are steps you can take to pursue your rights and make sure you get the funds to which you’re entitled.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you suffered serious injuries in a bicycle accident caused by someone else, you shouldn’t be footing the bill for your losses—the at-fault party should.

Burn Injury Lawyer

All injury victims—perhaps especially burn injury victims—deserve to be given the resources they need to recover. Our Personal Injury law firm can help.

Construction Accident Injury Lawyer

As top construction accident lawyers in Denver, we’re committed to holding the at-fault party accountable in order to protect your future. 

Hit and Run Injury Lawyer

Some drivers cause car accidents and then choose to run instead of taking responsibility. Unfortunately, the injured victims of these accidents suffer the most.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

We offer compassionate, comprehensive representation for motorcycle accident injury victims in the Denver community and beyond.

Work Injury Lawyer

Were you injured in a workplace accident? You may be entitled to more than just workers compensation.

Slip-and-Fall Injury Lawyer

We take slip-and-fall accidents seriously. If you were injured on someone’s property as a result of their negligence, contact us.

Pedestrian Accident Injury Attorney

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident caused by someone else, you shouldn’t be paying for your recovery and related losses.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Losing someone is never easy, no matter the circumstance, but it can be especially difficult to cope with when it happens as a result of someone’s negligence.

Reviews And Testimonials

Client satisfaction is our highest priority; just ask our clients.

Jay was calm, encouraging, and developed a brilliant and simple strategy on how to get my money back. His strategy was successful. I got a 100% refund, and additional negotiations yielded additional benefits.

Bradley C.

Jay Hermele and his team fought for me and recouped my money that I lost to a corrupt business partner. Thank you so much Jay and folk for your consistency.

Tom M.

Jay went up against one of the toughest law firms in Denver for me. He owned it while still being conscientious about my risks and expenses. He’s very sharp, tough and ethical. I’d recommend him highly!

Kurt B.

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